Light Commercial and Fleet Valeting Service

Keeping your commercial vehicles clean is essential, as they promote your business image and often form a customers first impression of your Company. Enhance the appearance of your company vehicle, which will in turn enhance your company image.

For convenience these services are available on a Saturday, therefore not interrupting your working week.

Pre-sale / Lease return

Looking to get the best price for your current vehicle, or do you have a lease car due to be returned?

We can help you in both situations.

If you are selling your vehicle, a well maintained and immaculately presented vehicle will help you negotiate the best price for your vehicle. Get in touch and we will discuss your requirements, as enhancing the vehicles appearance, will in turn enhance the vehicle value.

If you’re returning a lease vehicle and want to avoid paying high penalty charges, for minor defects.

Contact us and ask our advice, we can assess your vehicle and advise which of our services will enhance your vehicles appearance, saving you penalty charges on a lease return.

Pool/Fleet/Loan vehicles

Does your business have loan vehicles or staff pool cars?

With our Mobile or Collect & Deliver service we can maintain these vehicles at your convenience, a well-maintained vehicle, promotes a good Company image. Ideally vehicles should be maintained on a month by month basis, we are happy to discuss your Companies requirements and tailor a package to suit your requirements.

Take advantage of our pool car valeting service, we’ll contact you in advance by email with a reminder that your vehicles are due for valeting.

Vinyl lettering, graphics, decals and adhesive residue removal

If the time has come for you to reinvest in a new commercial vehicle, you’ll naturally want to get the best possible price for your current vehicle, give Signature a call. I will professionally remove vinyl lettering, graphics, decals and adhesive residue from your vehicle, restoring its appearance to its original condition.